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4 Scales to Master

Many of my students want to know how to play lead guitar or at least integrate single note playing into their music. Who wouldn’t?
If you like American music then there are 4 scales to master.
The major scale (7 note) and major pentatonic scale (5 note).
The minor scale (7 note) and minor pentatonic scale (5 note).
Not necessarily in that order.
Then add the passing tone (blue note) to each pentatonic scale.
In the major pentatonic scale it’s the #2 and in the minor pentatonic it’s the #4.
You should be able to play each with or without the passing tone.
The major and minor pentatonic scales are what sets American music apart.
Practicing scales with scale patterns is very helpful because:
They mix up the patterns and get you to see them in different ways.
They help you to get a 360 degree view of a scale versus just playing it up and down diatonically.
They help you to hear the scale in different ways and develop your ear.
They are great for developing hand strength and dexterity.
They are musical sounding and great toward developing your creativity when soloing.
Learning and memorizing solos is a great way to expand your musical vocabulary.
Practice with a metronome and you will speed up the learning process.
Music is derived from scales just as speech is derived from the alphabet.
There are 12 keys in music. Learn all scales in 12 keys. There is nothing else!

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