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Marcus Miller

Here's another view from the great bassist Marcus Miller. He said about one of the players in his current band, "he has the whole thing; tone, technique and passion, most musicians are missing something." I interpret the word "passion" as inspiration because passion doesn't always translate into something inspired but inspiration is always passionate.When something is inspired people connect to it. That's why something as easy as playing the blues can be very difficult. No matter how much you know, if blues is not inspired it falls flat and it can leave you standing naked!

Wayne Krantz

 I read an interview with the guitarist Wayne Krantz recently, and he said there are 4 essential elements of music;  Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Sound (or Tone). Nothing new about that, but he went on to say that every musician has an ability or particular strength in one of these areas. It doesn't mean they don't have abilities in the other 3, but rather they create or get their inspiration through one. I thought of many of the musicians I've worked with and listened to and I tend to agree with his view.
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