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What People Are Saying:                                         203-247-4225

“Tod is a wonderful teacher. He finds a perfect balance between the technical aspects of learning guitar and learning songs that I ask to learn. I look forward to my lessons every week.” Maddy 

“Tod is an amazing teacher. Instead of following a rote path of instruction, he lets students pick the type of music they want to play, and then adapts his teaching style to impart the necessary techniques and music theory along the way. He believes that if playing is fun and rewarding, then students will continually push themselves to learn more. He has helped me reach a place I never thought possible.” Thayer

“Tod’s lessons are so great because he lets us play what we want.” and “Tod’s a great teacher because he explains everything necessary about playing the guitar." Tyler

“In all of my years playing bass, Tod is by far my best teacher and is always on task and focused on the lesson because he really seems to care about the student and the students progression on the instrument.” Dennis

"I love going to my lessons every week. I look forward to them throughout every week and during the lessons, I learn so much about guitar playing and writing, music, equipment, gigs and everything there is to know about guitar. I really do enjoy the lessons so much." Billy

“Lessons with Tod have not only taught me to be determined and dedicated, they have allowed me to be the person I am today”. Peter

"I have been taking lessons for just over 2 years… expectations were surpassed because I can read music, play the songs that I always dreamed of playing, and most of all, am completely enjoying myself......the fundamentals Tod taught right from the beginning are now starting to really show……I could not say enough about Tod as a teacher.” Ed

“Playing guitar with Tod is a lot of fun and he is a great teacher and it is easy to learn when he is teaching you. He always keeps it interesting and exciting and you can decide what you want to play. I really look forward to guitar lessons every week with Tod! " Dylan

"Tod has always been an influential teacher to me. In fact, his skills and teaching abilities have enabled me to become a better player and more musically inclined. His instructing method has led me from the basics of reading music to discussing uses of a Mixolydian mode. Not only has Tod been an outstanding teacher, but also a great friend who I have had more fun with on Wednesday nights. I can't tell you what a difference Tod has made in my playing and ease on the fretboard." Tommy

"One summer my brother just played the guitar in my face and I got envious! So for my birthday I got myself a nice guitar and lessons with Tod. I couldn’t practice too much at home, but I had a great experience when I started jamming. It is great.” Mark

"Tod has not only been an excellent teacher, but a mentor as well. I highly recommend Tod, not only as a guitar teacher, but as an individual. He has had a positive influence on my life, from the beginning and still to this day. He is perfect for young people, who are looking to learn guitar the right way, from the onset.” Donald

"In all of the phases of learning guitar that I’ve passed through there always seems to be a few difficult steps to get to the next level. Tod has always helped bring me through those steps. This has taught me that with determination I can do anything." Megan


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